AC-DC and DC-DC Converters, Drivers and Amplifiers

MORNSUN Power - Design and Manufacturjng of AC-DC and DC-DC Converters, Drivers and Amplifiers. Vertical Integration resulting in High Quality, High Reliability, Low Cost and Short Lead Times. ISO 9001-2000, ISO 14001, TS16949, RoHS and REACH.


PCBs and Backplanes

TTM Technologies - A Leading Provider of Time-Critical High Performance PCB Fabrication, Backplane Assembly and Chassis Integration. Including Flex, Rigid-Flex and Bonded Heat Sinks. Mil Spec and ISO 9002.


Plastics and Mechanical Assembly

Season Group - Injection Molding and Thermoforming of Plastics, Cable and Harness Assembly, Mold and Die Fabrication, Turnkey Electro-Mechanical and Box Build Assembly. ISO9001, TS16949 and ISO13485 certified. (USA, Canada, China, Malaysia, Mexico and United Kingdom)


Power Supplies, LED Drivers, Transformers and Battery Chargers

Shenzhen Click Technology Co., LTD - Engineering Design Team (65 design engineers). R&D and Production of Wall Adapters, Switching Power Supplies, Transformers, Inductors, Chokes and Battery Chargers. ISO9001-2000, ISO14001 and BABT certified. RoHS compliant. 3000 employees, Shenzhen, China.



NAND Flash Storage and SSD Memory Solutions

Flexxon - Designs and manufactures Industrial Grade NAND Flash Storage Solution's serving the Industrial, Medical & Automotive (IMA) applications. Strong technical support for custom solutions. SSD, SATA/PATA modules, SD, microSD, USB and Compact Flash.


LED Chips, Light Engines and Light Fixtures

VAOPTO - is a leading "vertically integrated" manufacturer of standard and custom LED lighting products specializing in R&D, Design and Manufacturing of LED Chips, LED Packages, LED Light Engines and complete LED Light Fixtures since 1969. VAOPTO products are ISO14001, ISO9001, TS16949, OHSA1800, RoHS, FCC, UL and DLC certified. VAOPTO is an Energy Star Partner. VAOPTO is a certified minority supplier to the US Government and many Fortune 500 companies. VAOPTO is 100% US owned with their Headquarters and Wholesale Warehouse in Las Vegas Nevada.


Crystals, Oscillators, VCXOs, TCXOs, OCXOs

Hong Kong Crystal LTD - Precision Crystals, Oscillators, VCXOs, TCXOs and OCXOs for the Automotive, IoT, Industrial, Automation, RF, Telecom, WiFi and Commercial Markets. Design Engineering assistance available. (Hong Kong and Huizhou China)


Aluminum, Zinc and Magnesium Die Casting

KaShui International - Industry Leader in Tool Design and Manufacturing, Die Casting, CNC Machining, Surface Finishing, Injection Molding and Assembly. (Los Angeles, CA and Huizhou China)


High Performance Si and SiC Power Devices

GeneSiC Semiconductor - Industry Leading High Temperature, High Performance Si and SiC Rectifiers, Transistors, Schottky Rectifiers, Fast Recovery Rectifiers, Studs and Modules, Bridge Rectifiers. (USA).





































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